2020-21 Season FAQs

2020-21 Season FAQs

We have developed this frequently asked questions page to help answer many of your questions, and while we may not have all the answers at this time, we promise to work diligently to keep you, our valued patrons, well-informed. Please check back for regular updates. For now, please know how much we, and our wonderful musicians, appreciate your support of the BPO.

Why isn’t the BPO performing for live audiences this fall?
The BPO is awaiting New York Forward guidelines for reopening large indoor concert venues such as Kleinhans Music Hall. Until the BPO is given clearance to reopen for live audiences, we will present our new video-streamed performance series, BPOnDemand.

When will the BPO perform for live audiences again?
Plans are in development for the BPO to host intimate, socially distanced audiences as soon as state guidelines allow. A new socially-distanced seating chart giving at least a 6-foot berth around pairs of seats would reduce Kleinhans’ 2,400 seats to little more than 500 per performance, but increased performance instances would help to offset the reduced capacity. These plans remain on hold until New York Forward reopening guidelines for large indoor concert venues are made available and will be announced at a later time.

Why did the 2020-21 season repertoire change for concerts September through December?
As Buffalonians join the rest of the world in adjusting to the new normal brought on by the pandemic, so too must the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Revisions to the 2020-21 season repertoire announced this past January have been necessary in order to accommodate an orchestra of socially-distanced size. Previously announced guest artists will be re-engaged later in the 2020-21 season or in future seasons.

What is BPOnDemand, and what is a virtual ticket?
BPOnDemand is our new video-streamed performance series. Using state-of-the-art audio and video recording technology, we bring the magical acoustics of Kleinhans right to your living room via your computer or mobile device! The series will be broadcast on Saturdays at 8pm and available on-demand for a limited time thereafter. BPOnDemand performances are available for FREE to all subscribers, as well as those patrons near and far who wish to purchase a virtual ticket on a concert-by-concert basis. Your virtual ticket acts just like a physical ticket would, redeemable for access to your BPOnDemand performance.

How much are BPOnDemand tickets?
ALL subscribers, regardless of their subscription package, will receive FREE access to the BPOnDemand concerts Sep-Dec. Subscribers must register for the events in advance, but all tickets will be free.

For non-subscribers, the ticket price is $10 per link. One household can use one link to view the stream.

Please note: A $2 Kleinhans Music Hall restoration fee is added to all ticket orders, including BPOnDemand tickets. 

Can I exchange my BPOnDemand virtual ticket?
There are no exchanges on single ticket purchases, including virtual tickets.

How do I watch a BPOnDemand video-streaming performance?
BPOnDemand allows you to enjoy the world-class musicianship of your BPO from anywhere in the world, on-demand via your computer or mobile device. There is no need to log in to your BPO account to view the performance. The information below will help you make sure you’re ready to enjoy your next BPOnDemand experience.

  • Step 1: Select from the list of upcoming BPOnDemand performances and add as many virtual tickets as you’d like to your cart. One household only needs one virtual ticket to receive a link to view the performance. After checkout, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link specifically for you to each of the events.
  • Step 2: Don’t worry about losing that confirmation e-mail! On the day of the event, a reminder e-mail will be sent to you once again containing your unique link to the performance. Click the link and get ready to enjoy the concert!
  • Step 3: After the event, access the performance as many times as you’d like, available on-demand for a limited time using the same access link you received in your e-mail.

Can I buy BPOnDemand tickets for friends and family, near and far?
Of course! However, at this time, we do not have the ability to send virtual ticket links to multiple e-mail recipients from one order. You will need to process your virtual ticket gift to friends and family as a separate order. When you receive your confirmation e-mail containing a unique link to the performance, you will then need to forward it along to your friend. Please note, each household will need one unique ticket link to view the performance.

Can gift cards be used to purchase BPOnDemand tickets?
Yes, gift cards can be used toward any BPO ticket purchase, including BPOnDemand tickets.

I’m a subscriber. What happens to the tickets I had from September to December?
Any tickets in a subscriber’s package for concerts that fall within the Sep-Dec time frame will be automatically converted to FLEX pass, to be redeemed at the subscriber’s convenience for a concert later in the season when we hope we will once again be able to host live audiences.

What about subscriber single ticket add-ons for events scheduled from September to December?
These will also be converted into FLEX passes.

I don’t want a FLEX pass. What are my options?
We strongly encourage patrons to keep their FLEX passes in anticipation of being able to return to the hall with live audiences as soon as we are able. FLEX passes can be given to friends or used for additional seats to an event you are already planning to attend, so bring your dad, your sister, or your best friend! What a treat! The FLEX pass will not expire until the end of the current season (August of 2021).

Additional FLEX pass options:

  • You may donate your FLEX ticket value for a tax credit.
  • You may refund your FLEX ticket value to a gift card.

For any questions regarding your FLEX pass options, please contact the Box Office at (716) 885-5000.

What about events scheduled in 2021?
Concerts January through June remain unchanged at this time. A subscriber ticket mailing for these concerts will be planned later this fall.

When is the seat drop for unrenewed subscribers? Is the BPO still holding seats for pending renewal orders?
We are still holding subscription seats for unrenewed subscribers. We have no plans for a seat drop at this time.

Can I get a refund for my subscription?
We understand the uncertainty of the world around us and the worry that it brings. Please know that you have options. If subscribers do not wish to utilize their FLEX passes and other tickets, they can opt to donate the ticket value for a tax credit, or discuss other subscriber options by calling the Box Office at (716) 885-5000.

Please note: The BPO will continue to monitor the situation with the pandemic, and should any changes to the above plan become necessary, it will be addressed in a future announcement.