AV Equipment Request Form

AV Equipment Reservation Request Form

Please note: All AV equipment has been fully sanitized with a minimum 70% isopropyl alcohol solvent per CDC guidelines prior to lending.

  • Staff and musicians may request equipment loans via the equipment reservation request form below. Please allow 3 working days to process your request.
  • The AV equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The standard loan period will be 4 hours. For the time being, all AV equipment and recording sessions must remain at the Clement House (BPO administrative office building). At this time, recording sessions at Kleinhans Music Hall are not permitted.
  • The AV equipment must be loaned in/out via marketing/operations staff only. All equipment will be fully sanitized between uses. Please do not attempt to sanitize this sensitive equipment yourself – this should only be handled by the marketing/operations staff.
  • One borrower per musician ensemble or staff department is responsible for signing out the equipment and returning it in good working order. A fee will be assessed to the borrower for each missing or damaged item (e.g. USB cables).
  • Equipment may be picked up and returned to Patrick’s office, located on the 2nd floor of the Clement House (right at the top of the stairs, right again at the coffee station, across from the men’s room).
  • This AV equipment is available for BPO use only and should not be shared with partners or anyone else.

Available AV Equipment:

  • Apple iPad 11 Pro (video recording and still photographs)
  • Zoom H5 4-Input / 4-Track Portable Handy Recorder
  • Lume Cube Panel Mini (on-camera light with temperature control)
  • LED temperature control ring light and stand
  • LED light kit with umbrella and stand
  • Lens Adapter and Camera Rig System