Beatles and BPO are pleasing mix, Buffalo News

Saturday at Kleinhans Music Hall, the Beatles tribute “Classical Mystery Tour” could give you a funny feeling.

Could John Lennon still be alive?

Could the news of his death have been a weird mistake?

At least from the balcony, you could almost believe it. Jim Owen, who played Lennon – complete with the classic white suit – had him down so pat that it grew unnerving. His voice sounded like Lennon’s (no small feat, because Lennon had a fine voice). His musicianship was spot on and so was his timing. He was every bit as good as I remembered him being last time this Beatles tribute came to town a decade ago.

Part of the series called “BPO Rocks,” the “Classical Mystery Tour” sold out the house. The word went around that it was standing-room only.

No wonder, because a Beatles tribute band this good is a rare treat. Benjamin Chadwick was a different Paul than we had last time, and we traded up. His voice was closer to Paul’s. It got better as the night went on, until he was pretty much nailing those high, clear notes that Paul used to hit so beautifully. Bravo to Chadwick. It’s a tall order, to stand in for one of rock’s great voices. Read More