Big Band Salute has Kleinhans all aglow, Buffalo News

The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra’s “Big Band Salute,” conducted by Matt Catingub, left us with at least one magical memory.

That happened when Catingub played “Moonglow,” a standard immortalized by Artie Shaw, and invited the packed house to dance. And some people did.

A cheer went up as a few couples ventured into the space in front of the stage. Then, after a few bars, other people got brave. A graceful silver-haired couple began dancing in the balcony. And further back, dozens of teenagers began rising to their feet. The teens were dressed to the nines. They had put on the ritz to perform in the Mary Seaton Room beforehand. Gallantly, the guys escorted the girls into the aisles, and they, too, danced to Artie Shaw’s “Moonglow.”

How sweet was that? Catingub had bridged the generations. Read More.