BPO Diversity Council

BPO Diversity Council

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The BPO formed the Diversity Council in May 2016, formalizing its longstanding commitment to present diverse programming, to support artists of color, and to engage with every part of the Western New York community in a meaningful way. Comprised of community leaders, BPO staff, and musicians, the Council is helping the BPO to take its place at the vanguard of a national movement to foster greater diversity in the classical music world. As a first step, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra signed Mayor Byron Brown’s Opportunity Pledge in July 2016. Since then, the Council has been involved in numerous projects aimed at increasing authentic community connections and access to the Buffalo Philharmonic for all of Buffalo.

Diversity Council Members

Otis N. Glover
BPO Diversity Council Co-Chair

Rev. Melody I. Rutherford
BPO Diversity Council Co-Chair

Michele Agosto
Sheila Brown
Janz Castelo
Nikki Chooi
Jody Covington
Tammy Curry
Jaman E. Dunn
Dan Hart
Mary Ruth Kapsiak
Cindy Abbott Letro
Martha Malkiewicz
Robin Parkinson
Ella Robinson
Casimiro Rodriguez
Rev. Jonathan Staples
Steve Swift