BPO Guest Performer cut her own musical path, Business First

Despite her strong musical background and training — that included studying on Saturdays at the Manhattan School of Music from the age of 9 until her high school graduation seven years later — Dinnerstein had a limited following until she self-financed her first disc, Bach’s “Goldberg Variations” in 2005.o produce the disc, Dinnerstein had to raise $15,000 and even then, she only had enough money to have 100 copies produced.

“I really wasn’t sure, exactly, what I was going to do with them,” Dinnerstein said.

Some were sent out to bookers and promoters along classical music insiders. Through word-of-mouth, an Israeli investor heard the disc and was impressed enough to become her financial backer. That led the Telarc label officially releasing the “Goldberg Variations” disc and seeing it climb to the No. 1 position on Billboard’s Classical Music Chart. It was then cited as one of the top classical discs of 2007. Read the rest of the article.