BPO re-creates the magic of ABBA, Buffalo News

Never underestimate a Swedish poncho.

In case there weren’t enough incarnations of the ABBA brand, from stereo to stage to screen, a fleet of tribute robots can also cash in on the foolproof disco catalog with your local philharmonic orchestra. Who’s up for another round of Waterloo? Anyone?

It’s OK. You needn’t be shamed for your ABBA love. It’s quite all right. The Swedish foursome – two feathered ladies, two bearish songwriters, and between them, two ex-couples – figured out how to make a pop song work anywhere you are, and never leave your side. It always works. Cursed be they, says the tortured songbirds out there! They’ve cracked the code!

Give it up. A concert of the geniuses’ music, as performed by touring tribute band abbacadabra, supplemented by our own BPO, showed how versatile these tightly conceived, perfectly produced songs can be. “Waterloo” is beautiful with the viola. “Chiquitita” never sounded so Beatlesesque. And whoever thought to invite the horn section to the party: smart move.

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