Donor Lists

The BPO is deeply appreciative of all of those who support the orchestra. Click on the tabs below to see the names of these generous individuals and foundations who gave to the BPO through September 18, 2017.  While the thousands upon thousands of donors whose gifts ranged from $1 to $499 are too numerous to list here, we gratefully acknowledge those additional individuals and foundations who give to us so generously.

Anonymous (9)
Steve & Jean Ambroselli
Burtram W. & Ellen Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Arena
The Reverend James M. Augustyn
Teo & Jennifer Balbach
Elizabeth Bennett & Marietta T. Lorenzo
Berardi Immigration Law
Alice F. Bird
Renate Bob
Bruce & Jill Brown
Buffalo Teachers Federation, Inc.
Drs. Douglas & Barbara Bunker
John & Diane Burkholder
Tim and Belle Butler
CBRE Buffalo
Mr. Robert Carnevale and Mrs. Christine M. Bylewski
Margaret C. Callanan
Joseph & Susan Cardamone
Janet M. Casagrande
Mrs. Therese Caravetta
Mr. & Mrs. James Cecchini
Robert & Karen Christmann
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Chur
Debby and Gary Cohen
Joan & Michael Cohen
Colucci & Gallaher, P.C.
Columbus McKinnon Corp.
Mr. William J. Constantine and Ms. Margaret Wellington
Marilyn R. Cornelius
Dr. and Mrs. Harold G. Corwin, Jr.
Teresa Danforth
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dannhauser
Beverly J. Davies
Roger and Roberta Dayer
Julie Klotzbatch and Gary Diamond
Moira and David Dooley
Richard and Cornelia Dopkins
Marianne G. Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eardley
Dr. Edward G. Eberl
Joan Michael Eschner
Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Evans
The Honorable and Mrs. Leo J. Fallon
Marta Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Kim A. Ferullo
Michael R. Fiels & Mary T. Ricotta
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Fisher
Mrs. Ruth Fleming
Maryann S. Freeman
Patricia Frey
Ellen S. Friedland, Ph.D. and Thomas A. Hays, M.D.
Richard L. Friend
Mrs. Sue S. Gardner
Dolores S. Gernatt
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Gibbons
George & Cecelia Grasser
William A. Greenman
Kenneth W. Gross
Ken & Gladys Hardcastle
Barbara R. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Hayes
Heathwood Assisted Living
Dr. and Mrs. Reid R. Heffner, Jr.
Dr. Theodore Herman & Ms. Judith Ann Cohen
David & Lucinda Hohn
Duncan C. Hollinger
I Squared R Element Company
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy M. Jacobs, Jr.
William & Genevieve James
Mr. and Mrs. Mark I. Johnson
Alex Jokipii & Shari McDonough
Benoy & Suzanne Joseph
Drs. Richard & Barbara Jurasek
Charles J. Kaars
Msgr. Patrick Keleher
Kathie A. Keller
Professor Joseph Kelly, Esq
Juliet Kline
Robert & Barbara Klocke
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Pierre A. Koening
James & Mona Kontos
Joan Kuhn
Ms. Catherine A. La Porte
Drs. Jeffrey Lackner and Ann Marie Carosella
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Lanighan
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Laping
Donald Latt
Dorothy Lien
Mrs. Celia Linder
Howard and Lorna Lippes
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Lubick
Stephen McCabe and Gretchen Wylegala
Barbara A. McCulloch
Ann & John McLester
Dr. G. Allen McFarren
Mrs. Louise D. McGrath
Dr. & Mrs. Donald E. Miller
John E. Milner
Dr. & Mrs. Herman S. Mogavero Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Morey
Ms. Sandra G. Morrison
Eleanor T. Murray
New Music USA
Philip Nicolai and Mary Louise Hill
Susan D. Nusbaum
Tim O’Brien Fund at the FJC
Bernie & Linda O’Donnell
Mr. Keith Odza
Mr. Ken Odza
Barbara Ann Oliver
Ann C. Pappalardo
Mary Jane and Walter Pawlowski
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Peterson
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Peterson
The Reverend Diane & Craig Phinney
Gregory Photiadis and Sandra Chelnov
Gunther & Dorothy Piepke
Karen L. Podd
Dr. Christopher Peter Poje
Joseph and Pamela Priest
Charles and Joanne Privitera
Carol Dean Privitera
Peter & Nancy Rabinowitz
Mr. Charles Korn and Dr. Deborah Raiken
Remedy Intelligent Staffing
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Ripley
Diane Rittling
Mrs. Harriet W. Sacks
Salit Specialty Rebar
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Schack
Scott & Ardeen Schaefer
Henry P. and Tricia Semmelhack
Edward & Elizabeth Simmons
Dr. Joyce E. Sirianni
Carlton M. Smith
Kurt & Melissa Spaeth
Robert and Jeanne Spampata
Ruth & Ted Steegmann
Edwin F. Stohrer, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David G. Strachan
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Sufrin
Marilyn and Irving Sultz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Symons
Robby Takac
Dr. Ann M. Bisantz and Dr. Albert H. Titus
Guy Tomassi
Mr. Mutsuo Tomita
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur V. Traver, Jr.
Sheila Trossman
Susan & Ron Uba
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Van Nortwick
Robert T. Vosteen
William Vosteen
Marlene A. Werner
Karen Wielinski
Edwin* & Judy Wolf
Quinn & Jewel Wright
Arden and Julie Wrisley
Gregory & Donna Yungbluth
Zaxis Architectural, PC
Amy M. Zeckhauser
Susan & David Zebro
Dr. Greg Castiglia & Dr. Valerie Zingapan
Drs. Bill Ziter & Cathy Gogan




Anonymous (2)
Mrs. Vanda Albera
Ansie Baird
James and Linda Beardi
James M. Beardsley & Ellen M. Gibson
Better Buffalo Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Mrs. Rosalie Ciminelli
Don and Sally Dussing
Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Emblidge, Jr.
Lynne Marie Finn
Mrs. John B. Fisher
William Freyd & Diane Carlson
Edward N. Giannino, Jr.
Sarah Goodyear
Ms. Constance A. Greco
Dr. Elisabeth Zausmer and Dr. Angel Gutierrez
Amy Habib-Rittling
Edwin P. Hart
Mrs. Walter J. Henry
David I. Herer, on behalf of ABC-Amega, Inc.
Monte Hoffman & Niscah Koessler
Dr. and Mrs. Curtis F. Holmes
Hooper Family Foundation
John J. and Maureen O. Hurley
Drs. Clement and Margot Ip
Lawton* and Linda Johnson
Bruce and Gail Johnstone
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Kadet
The Linton Foundation
Dwight King & Leslie Duggelby
Mr. and Mrs. William Maggio
Charles and Judith Manzella
Sandra and Dennis McCarthy
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Moreland
Frances L. Morrison
Nangee Morrison and Robert Warner
Mrs. Sheila M. Nancollas
Donald F. and Barbara L. Newman Family Foundation
Patricia Notarius/ Premier Group
The Ralph F. Peo Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Dennis P. Quinn
Drs. Stephen and Monica Spaulding
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sperrazza
Scott R. & Rachel C. Stenclik
Steve & Nicole Swift
Nicole & Nicholas Tzetzo
Lorinda McAndrew Voelkle Foundation
Jim & Michal Wadsworth
Dorothy Westhafer



The Cameron and Jane Baird Foundation
Louis P. Ciminelli Family Foundation
Carol & Angelo Fatta
The John R. Oishei Foundation


Clement & Karen Arrison
Brent D. Baird
The Cullen Foundation
Mulroy Family Foundation
Tower Family Fund, Inc.
John & Carolyn Yurtchuk


Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Baird
Mr. Bruce C. Baird and Mrs. Susan O’Connor-Baird
The Baird Foundation
Anthony J. and Carmela M. Colucci
Robert J. & Martha B. Fierle Foundation
Grigg Lewis Foundation, Inc.
Roberta & Michael Joseph
*Mr. & Mrs. George F. Phillips, Jr.