2023-2024 Youth Concert Series

Be sure to explore our curriculum online for each concert, which will help you prepare your students for their concert experience.
We hope you will join us this year at Kleinhans Music Hall!

The Orchestra’s Secret Formula

What is the secret formula to a successful orchestra? Join your BPO as we visit expert professionals to discover the key to how unique people and different instruments in the orchestra come together to make beautiful music. Students will learn how rhythm, melody, and harmony combine to create full compositions, as we explore instrument families of the orchestra.

What Inspires a Composer?

What inspires a composer to create music? It may be something in the natural world, or it could be a story, a piece of art, or even a social justice movement. Join your BPO as we explore diverse repertoire through the lens of composers’ inspiration, experiences, and musical choices, and discover how individuals in our own community are inspired to create.

Friday Morning Concerts

These full-length (2 hour) BPO concerts on Friday mornings give middle and high school students a chance to hear complete pieces of repertoire in a casual atmosphere.

Accessible Concerts

Developed specifically to enhance the BPO experience for audience members with disabilities, this visual and interactive concert is performed in the Mary Seaton Room at Kleinhans Music Hall to accommodate the flexible seating needed for wheelchairs and the audience to react to the music in any way they feel comfortable.

This online hub of free youth concert content is for use in virtual or in-person classrooms. Explore video resources with accompanying suggested lesson plans under thematic units like Musical Stories, World Dances, American Voices, Art & Music, Celebrating WNY, The Orchestra at Work, Melody & Meaning, BPO Musical Passport, Our Musical Heritage, and Instruments of the World.

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