For Schools

For Schools

#PlayOnWNY – Choose an Instrument and Practice with the BPO

BPO musicians present instrument demos for our local students who are choosing an instrument, as well as practice videos and tutorials.

Music for Youth Concert Series

We are hoping to offer youth concerts in the spring of 2021. The series includes concerts for Preschool-Kindergarten, 1-4th grades, 5-8th grades and High School students. In the meantime, please utilize our #PlayOnWNY content, BPO Youth Concert Broadcasts, online curriculum and BPOnDemand virtual concerts.

Curriculum Resources

We are making BPO youth concert curriculum from past seasons and other related educational resources available for free downloading.

Youth Concert Broadcasts

The BPO presents free web streaming broadcasts of dynamic youth concerts from the past several years.

BPO Teaching Artists

Invite a BPO musician to your virtual learning experience and educate through the arts! Synchronous presentations feature an emphasis on standards of artistic excellence, provided by world-class professional musicians.

Music Education Resources

BPO education resources as well as links to local music making opportunities and national resource pages.

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight showcases school and community groups from across Western New York. Performances take place in the Mary Seaton Room prior to select BPO concerts.

West Side Connection

The West Side Connection is a project involving the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and 12 Buffalo Public Schools on the West Side. It celebrates through music the diversity found in the West Side.

Celebration of Music Education

Learn more about this special event for Educators and Administrators.