From Mother Teresa to Colonel Klink: 10 memories of the BPO’s Julius Rudel, Buffalo News

Since the passing last week of Julius Rudel, who was music director of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra from 1979 to 1985, people have been coming forward with memories of the maestro. A look into The News’ files, too, has turned up classic moments from the Rudel years.

The episodes add up to a dramatic trip into the past. Rudel has not been as talked-about here in Buffalo as much as his more flamboyant peers: Semyon Bychkov, Lukas Foss, Michael Tilson Thomas. His six-year tenure, though substantial, was not that long. (Sadly, he declined to renew his contract for reasons centering on the illness of his wife, who died soon afterward. Bychkov, his successor, had been associate conductor.) See More.