Musical Heritage Society Members

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Musical Heritage Society Members

Anonymous (2)
Charlotte C. Acer
Liz & John Angelbeck
Rita Argen Auerbach
Charles Balbach
Jennifer Barbee
Donald M. Behr and Samuel E. Lolinger
The Reverend* and Mrs. Peter Bridgford
James A. Brophy and Fraser B. Drew*
Anthony J. Cassetta
The Joanne Castellani and Michael Andriaccio Charitable Trust
Jerry* & Barbara Castiglia
Gerard and Rachel Catalano
Cheryl Christie
Victoria A. Christopher in honor of JoAnn Falletta and Donald McCrorey
Dr. Sebastian* and Mrs. Marilyn Ciancio
Louis & Ann Louise Ciminelli
Elizabeth G. Clark
Anne E. Conable
Ellen T. Cooper
Raymond G. Corbin
Marilyn R. Cornelius
Dr. Elizabeth Conant
Dr. Sharon F. Cramer and Mr. Leslie R. Morris* in honor of the BPO Viola Section
Sandra B. Cumming
Beverly J. Davies
Mrs. Roberta Dayer
Tim DiCarlo
Mr.* and Mrs. Anthony N. Diina
Ellen & Victor*  Doyno
Sarah & Donald Dussing
Carol & Angelo Fatta
Marion S. Fay
Dr. Mildred J. Fischle
Judith & John* Fisher
Marjorie* and William Gardner
Edward N Giannino Jr
Mr. George Eagan Ginther
Ms. Constance A. Greco
Susan J. Grelick
Gordon* & Gretchen* Gross
Peter Hall & M.E. O’Leary
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Herbert
Monte & Cheryl* Hoffman
Philip Hubbell in memory of Jayne T. Hubbell
Paul A. Imbert
Bruce and Gail Johnstone
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Kahn
Theresa Kazmierczak
Kathleen Keenan-Takagi
The Herbert & Ella Knight Family Charitable Fund
Rosalind & Michael Kochmanski
Dr. Merrily Kuhn and Mr. James Kulwicki
Eric E.* & Ruth F. Lansing
Steve & Sandy Levinthal
Bradford Lewis, Ph.D.
Gerry & Barbara Lipa
Francie D. & Joel N. Lippman
Sandra and Dennis McCarthy
Michael and Lorrie Munschauer
Donna & Leo Nalbach
Russell A. Newbert
Drs. Howard and Karen Noonan
George F. Phillips, Jr.*
Edwin Polokoff
Susan A. Potter
Dennis P. Quinn
Virginia Ann Quinn
Sylvia L. Rosen
John & Sue Rowles
Paul and Gerda Sanio
Kenneth Schmieder in memory of Nancy Julian
Gilbert Schulenberg
Betty J. Schultz
Catherine F. Schweitzer
Joseph and Carole Sedita
Roger and Joan Simon
Robert B. Skerker
Monica and Stephen Spaulding
Gerald* and Sue Strauss
Nancy B. Thomas
Therese M. Vita
Jim and Michael Wadsworth as trustees of the Mulroy, Heath and Colby Foundations
Wayne* & Janet Wisbaum