Summer Studio Diversity Scholarship

A recent study conducted by the League of American Orchestras concluded that professional orchestras across the U.S. are comprised of less than 3% of Hispanic/Latino or African American musicians. In an effort to increase inclusion and connect with Buffalo’s underrepresented populace, the BPO has formed a Diversity Council comprised of community leaders who support the BPO’s efforts towards these goals. Through many initiatives, the BPO is committed to helping underrepresented youths in our community and to help shape orchestras of the future to better mirror the society around them.  To learn more about our efforts, visit our Diversity Council and Diversity at the BPO webpages.

The Summer Studio Diversity Scholarship will cover the full tuition costs for young musicians of color who may not have the resources necessary to attend the BPO Summer Studio.  If you would like to apply for this funding, please make sure you first fill out the BPO Summer Studio Application and submit your video recording.  Funding is contingent on acceptance to the program.

Summer Studio Diversity Scholarship Application 

Please submit this application after you have filled out the BPO Summer Studio Application in full.  

Scholarship funding is contingent on acceptance to the program.  If you are applying for the Scholarship, you may waive the $50 application fee.  

DEADLINE:  May 1, 2018

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Scholarship funding is awarded based on acceptance to the Summer Studio, eligibility for the scholarship based on ethnicity, and a commitment to attending the full program from July 6-8, 2018.  If full attendance is not an option for you, this funding may go to others who will be able to take advantage of all classes and events.  

If accepted to the program, I agree to commit to attending the full program.*
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