Tchaikovsky Video Gift

The BPO musicians and I are happy to share this video gift of Tchaikovsky’s gorgeous and terrifying Francesca da Rimini.

In his famous Inferno, Dante tells the story of his horrifying descent into hell, and of finding the suffering young lovers Francesca and Paolo, who are tossed about in an eternal whirlwind, as they had sinned by being “swept away” by love on earth. Deeply in love, they were about to be married, but at the altar Paolo’s brutal brother Giovanni Malatesta seizes Francesca and claims her as his own. The three live together in the Malatesta palace, and the inevitable happens – Giovanni finds them embracing, and kills them both.

Will Amsel on the clarinet is the voice of the beautiful young Francesca as the orchestra tells this unforgettable story of love and death in this heartbreaking music of Tchaikovsky.

– JoAnn Falletta and the BPO Musicians

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