Youth Concert Broadcasts

Youth Concert Broadcasts

Free online youth concert available for viewing through the end of the 2020!

Featuring 24-hour online access for unlimited viewing opportunities whenever it is convenient for school schedules, the BPO’s annual Broadcast On Demand is available now! Thanks to our sponsors, students can tune in to the broadcasts from schools all over Western New York for free. Over 240 schools register each year to view this broadcast.  Join them!

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The BPO presents a video broadcast celebrating some of today’s voices in classical music, featuring assistant conductor of community engagement Jaman Dunn as host as well as guest artist Nygel Witherspoon, winner of the national Sphinx Competition, and composer-in-residence Jessie Montgomery.  The program lasts about 45 minutes and will be available On Demand through a secure website. The live broadcast recording will take place at Kleinhans Music Hall on March 12, 2020.

Who can participate and how much does it cost?

All Western New York schools are eligible for the FREE resource.  This includes schools in all eight counties.  All you need for participation is access to the internet in your classrooms or auditorium. The program is geared towards middle and high school students. However, all ages will enjoy this musical and visual concert.

What is the concert program?

This program celebrates some of today’s voices in American classical music, including the BPO’s very own assistant conductor Jaman Dunn, as well as the young and talented cellist Nygel Witherspoon, winner of the 2019 Sphinx Competition, and the creative musician and composer Jessie Montgomery. These three artists will join a dialogue about what it is to be an American classical musician today, as the landscape changes to include more diverse voices.  The program includes the third movement of Lalo’s Cello Concerto in D minor performed by 18-year-old Nygel Witherspoon, winner of the 2019 Sphinx Competition, a national competition for black and Latinx string players. It also features two pieces by Jessie Montgomery; Starburst and Caught by the Wind.  As composer-in-residence for this program, Jessie will share her story from the stage and enrich the listening experience with a guide to her music. We close the program with a rousing performance of Gabriela Lena Frank’s “Mestizo Waltz” from Three Latin American Dances.

Are there materials to help me prepare my students for viewing the broadcast?


Broadcast repertoire 2020 – List of repertoire with time markers to identify location on the video

Lessons – Broadcast 2020 – Three unique lessons to enrich the viewing experience.


How can our school sign up?

To receive access to this resource, schools must register with the BPO to gain the web address and security password. With this information, we can show our funders how many schools are using the resource, and that way we can keep it free! This program is for educational use only. Schools can arrange for a viewing at a time convenient to their instructional schedule, thanks to our On Demand availability. If you haven’t already, please register below.  The password and web address will be emailed to you when available (usually two weeks after the recording date).

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Jeff Dabbelt, Education Manager at (716) 242-7822 or


“Thank you for providing this for our students. Being a small  community this may be one of the few if not only time some of our students will ever hear the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.”

– Bill Henris, Director of Technology, Brocton School

“I just wanted to take a moment to express our appreciation and gratitude to the BPO and TWC. We had a number of our middle and high school classes observe the event. I even heard one of the students whistling the Valkyrie theme as they left the room.  As a rural school district, this type of event is invaluable as our budgets get ever tighter and our opportunities for exposing our students to enriching activities gets more and more difficult. Events that we can bring to our students over the internet are highly effective means of maintaining a holistic education while managing costs. Thank you for the opportunity.”

– Kimberly A. Mueller, Superintendent,  Wellsville Schools