Christine Standish

For the past 21 years, Christine served as a director of Albany International Corp. (NYSE:AIN); she is currently a member of the Governance committee, and in prior years served on both the Compensation and CEO Search Committees. She is also a Director of the JS Standish Company, a privately held investment and philanthropic company. In 2017, she was elected Chairman of the JS Standish Company. Christine plays an active role in numerous educational, cultural and charitable organizations. For 13 years she served as a trustee of the Albany Academy for Girls and the Albany Academy. Prior to moving to the Buffalo area, Christine in 2007 became a trustee of Siena College, chairing the Student Life Committee while serving on the Marketing and Strategic Planning committees. In 2010, she was elected as a trustee of the Community Foundation for the Greater Capitol Region, she served as the Secretary to the Board and sat on both the Grant and Executive Director Search Committee. As a trustee of the Albany Symphony Orchestra in 2011, she served as a Vice President and co-chaired the ASO’s Executive Director Search Committee. In 2013 she became a trustee of the Albany Medical Center where she sat on the Hospital Affairs Committee. She is a former Trustee of the Albany Institute of History and Art and she currently sits on the board of BISON Children’s Scholarship Fund (2018).