Wroclaw: performance time

Wroclaw was the place where the rubber met the road for this tour: our first performance as a full orchestra. On Saturday, the musicians had a full day to explore the city and reunite with their instruments to get in some practice time. The concert took place Sunday night. Our venue was the astonishing National Forum of Music. The performance was received enthusiastically, and today, the orchestra was off for Warsaw, preparing for tomorrow night’s history-making performance at the Beethoven Easter Festival.

But first, let’s take a look at Wroclaw, the “lively idyll,” the “city of dwarves!”

It looks like a fairy tale.

One of our favorite dwarf sculptures!

Taken by associate principal bass Brett Shurtliffe, of course!

Reunited and it feels so good: Kela Walton, left, and “Chuck.”

The lights of the National Forum of Music shine for us.

A view from the xylophone. Tons of percussion on the Poland tour program.

Setting the stage, getting ready for the big night.

The hottest ticket in town. We love the concert title: Born in the USA!

The lobby is just as stunning as the main hall.

A dream about to come true. JoAnn in Poland, ready conduct the best-known work by one of her key mentors.

But first, dinner: Personnel manager Jenn Comisso, Operations Director Alison Bolton and Associate Librarian Travis Hendra enjoy a meal togehter.

Taking a bow! It’s not the best photo, but it’s a joyful one.

Colleagues after the big night!

Conrad Tao and JoAnn Falletta deep in conversation in Wroclaw.