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A celebration in Lublin

After all of the planning, all of the coordination, the excitement, and the hoopla, it’s hard to believe that the tour has ended so quickly. But last night’s performance at the Centre of Culture in Lublin (Centrum Spotkania Kultur) was the final stop on this tour. The hall was completed in 2015. Its construction was… Read more »

“The BPO is Perfect”

That was the headline out of Warsaw that greeted us this morning on Twitter. This is one of the first reviews of our performances that we’ve been able to see in America. Written by Wojciech Giczkowski for his Teatralna Warszawa (“Warsaw Theater”) blog, it was nothing short of glowing! We did the best we could… Read more »

Eat, sleep, perform: Katowice

Katowice, we’re told, is a hidden gem of Poland, a riverside city that has utterly transformed from a crushingly gray, oppressive place under Communism to a bustling business center with a vibrant cultural life. Unfortunately, we have to take their word for it. With a 2 PM arrival in the city, and warm-ups starting between… Read more »

Images from Warsaw

This morning, Executive Director Dan Hart shared his impressions of last night’s concert. The big Warsaw moment came and went in a flurry, and it was a tremendous night for the BPO. Many of the BPO fans in attendance were moved to tears by the electric nature of the performance and the profound artistic statement… Read more »

Warsaw: the big day

March 20, 2018. Notable to some as the first day of spring, just an ordinary Tuesday to many others. But to us, it’s a significant moment in our history. It’s a day that people will talk about for years. It’s the day we made genuine history as the first full American orchestra to perform at… Read more »

Wroclaw: performance time

Wroclaw was the place where the rubber met the road for this tour: our first performance as a full orchestra. On Saturday, the musicians had a full day to explore the city and reunite with their instruments to get in some practice time. The concert took place Sunday night. Our venue was the astonishing National… Read more »

Rzeszow, Buffalo’s Sister City

On Saturday, while most of the orchestra enjoyed a free day in Wroclaw, the octet was performing in Buffalo’s sister city, Rzeszow. Ever since the concept of the tour came up, we started seeking a way to visit Rzeszow (pronounced something like chesh-ow). The BPO has long considered itself Buffalo’s cultural ambassador, reaching the entire… Read more »

A successful residency at the Penderecki Center

While everyone else was on the road, eight members of the BPO spent the past two days in Lusalwice at the stunning Krzysztof Penderecki Center for Music. There, they taught the next generation of students and gave a recital featuring music by Brahms and Mozart. It’s an especially meaningful stop given the way this tour… Read more »

Red eyes, big smiles!

The musicians and staff are now in their fourth country in less than 24 hours. The two groups of musicians left Toronto’s Pearson Airport around 7 PM last night, one bound for London’s Heathrow Airport and the other for Brussels, Belgium. Each group had time to enjoy breakfast before boarding another plane to Prague. Both… Read more »

Departure Day!

A little over an hour ago, two buses pulled out of the Kleinhans parking lot bound for Toronto’s Pearson Airport – the first leg in the lengthy journey from Buffalo to Wroclaw. Most of the musicians and staff were onboard, although some musicians opted to make their own way to Wroclaw. As I was putting… Read more »